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Spices that season to the bone

Welcome to Yardman Spice

Authentic Jamaican Seasonings and Spices shipped right to your door.  Low sodium.

A variety of Jamaican seasonings


Yardman Spice is a 100% authentic Jamaican Spices, low sodium Jamaican Seasoning store. Our products are sourced from Jamaica where we work with a small group of trusted vendors to bring the finest products to our growing community of shoppers.


We cook Jamaican food daily and have been using our seasonings for over 30 years and recently due to the changes brought on by the pandemic in 2021 we decided to share our products online.

We are proud to be playing our part in bringing the island flavor to you.  Pick a jerk seasoning or spice and experience Yardman Spice for yourself.


Contact us for the best Jamaican seasonings, jerk seasonings and Jamaican spices. We ship directly to your door!




What They’re Saying

I must tell you that the seasoning I used already SELL OFF. The Season to the bone and the Seafood. So so good thanks again

Simone L.

Wife went nuts over the dinner, broke out the secret seasoning, the Seafood! Just well blended, it was very good.

Brent S.

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